Your flex partner in the logistics and production sector

Take Care Works is a flex partner that gives more personal attention to the flex worker and client/customer in the logistics and production sector.

Attention to the flexworker ensures trust, reliability, commitment, lower absenteeism and quality. We strive for sustainable long-term partnerships with customers, in which we want to distinguish ourselves with our progressive vision on personnel deployment and processes. As a flex partner, we are a mediator, connector and partner with a continuous focus on the interests of both the employee and the customer. Quality ensures quantity and this leads to continuity of business operations.


For job seekers

As your trusted flex partner in the logistics and manufacturing sector, the Take Care Works job vacancy service offers a wide range of exciting opportunities. From warehouse employees and forklift drivers to production employees and logistics planners, we have a diverse range of vacancies that match your expertise.


For personnel seekers

As a reliable flex partner in the logistics and manufacturing sector, Take Care Works understands the challenges employers face in finding suitable staff. With our extensive network of qualified candidates and our thorough screening and selection procedures, we ensure a fast and efficient match between employers and candidates.


Officially SNA certified.

And also NBBU certified.

Officially SNF certified.