Dream big but stay humble

We want to become a significant organization within the current job placement. Meaning for every employee we help find a job and every customer we help with their issue. Because of our unique expertise and collective experience in the industry, we can be of value to employees and companies that focus on logistics and production. We are convinced that we have a formula in house where we can deliver customization at any desired level.

Take Care Flex, Take Care EU, Take Care Consultancy and We Take Care are our labels that clarify what we do.

Becoming the best employer in 5 years is quite an ambition. We want to achieve this by connecting. Connecting in equality, connecting in long-term relationships, connecting in career guidance from day one. We think it is important that everyone is treated equally and therefore has equal opportunities. It doesn't matter to us what you've done or where you're from. We believe in our vision.

The labor market is changing enormously. Within the foreseeable future, equality between a definite period of time (Flex) and an indefinite period of time (Fixed) will hopefully be a fact. We want to contribute to this by taking our responsibility in this way. In the end it always starts with you.